The Ultimate Child Support and Custody Calendar

Sharing custody of your child can be difficult, especially when your family’s child support calendar is governed by confusing laws. You want to spend time with your children – every moment is precious! But we spend so many of those moments trying to figure out when our children will be with us next.

It’s reasonable that coparents find it difficult to understand the language of their child support and child visitation orders. Still we are forced to struggle through the legalese. We’re always counting weekends because joint custody laws and child support orders just aren’t written in plain English. The misunderstandings and mix-ups can result in children spending less time with their parents. Coparents may miss doctor’s visits or extracurricular activities, and pay be late for pickups.  Worse, confusion and delay could cause friction between coparents – the last thing anyone needs. Several mix-ups and missed visitation periods can even have legal ramifications, landing coparents back in the courtroom. It’s just not conducive to having a peaceful coparenting family.

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A New Way

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Coparents used to have to sit down with their decrees, count out days, and create a paper calendar for their families. As technology became more accessible, software started allowing coparents to create their visitation calendars digitally. But these joint custody calendars are not automated – they still require coparents to sit down, count out weekends, figure out their schedules and create a child support and custody calendar. Some apps provide baseline rotations, but those may still need to be reviewed and customized to match child support and joint custody laws. Coparents can still find themselves relying on inaccurate calendars.

Our Days Calendar doesn’t make coparents manually input their schedules. You don’t have to know which cookie-cutter rotation is closest to your state’s visitation laws. We’ve already got you covered.

We sat down with Texas attorneys and counted the weekends. We looked at the child support and custody laws, the holiday rules, and all the exceptions. Then we created a software that applies all of those rules and exceptions for you. We created the ultimate child custody and support calendar.

Our Days Calendar doesn’t start with a baseline rotation and leave it up to coparents to figure it out from there. Our baseline is the actual law.

Fully Customized

With the Our Days Calendar App, coparents can instantly see their real joint visitation schedule under the actual joint custody laws. But that is only the beginning with our ultimate child support and visitation calendar. Our fully automated app can use simple inputs by coparents to modify those laws as required for each specific family. For example, coparents don’t have to figure out for themselves how their child support and visitation schedule will be modified during winter holidays. By simply entering your child’s school holiday, our ultimate child visitation calendar will modify the true joint custody laws as need be, and your calendar is automatically updated. With our app, your family’s calendar and the real joint custody laws of your state are reconciled together and placed in the palm of your hand.

Change is Okay

Our ultimate child support and visitation calendar allows coparents to see their schedule months in advance. Now you can plan vacations, buy flights, and invite family members to visit without hesitation. You don’t have to start counting weekends before accepting invitations – just pull out your iPhone or android device. With Our Days Calendar, you know where your child will be in three days, three weeks, or three months.

But life is dynamic and things change. A healthy coparenting relationship requires us to be flexible and understanding. If coparents need to switch days, that’s no problem. Any upcoming visitation day can be modified with the click of a button in Our Days Calendar. Doctor’s appointments, extracurriculars, and family celebrations can be noted with ease.

We Help You Work Smarter

Our ultimate child support and custody calendar allows coparents to see where their children will be on any given day. It’s based upon actual joint custody laws. It can be further modified to show how your family’s schedule interacts with those laws. There’s room for even more customization as coparents may need to switch days. Our Days Calendar is light years beyond any other coparenting calendar – but we didn’t stop there.

Your calendar is laid out in an intuitive, see-at-a-glance matrix. Green days are yours – red days are not. Holidays and other exceptions are marked so that coparents can verify their customization at a glance, but they’re still color-coded. If a coparent is unsure what’s coming up, selecting the day in question opens a pop-up window with more information.

Stop Swimming in Paperwork

Coparents can use Our Days Calendar together, but this is not required. Our ultimate child support and custody calendar is still going to provide you the peace of mind you need and the power to confidently discuss upcoming visitation periods with your coparent. No more stress – no more drama. With Our Days Calendar, you’ve got this.

Our ultimate child support and visitation calendar app tracks how joint custody laws apply to your schedule, how your child’s school holidays apply to those laws, and how your family has been flexible together by switching dates as needed. You can access those records anytime you like just by opening the app on your iPhone, android, tablet, or computer. Once a date passes, calendar data is locked and becomes unalterable.

Any switched days are recorded for posterity – any that were not switched are set down in stone.

But sometimes just pulling out your phone is not enough. If you need documentation for yourself, for your lawyer or for court, we are here for you. Account holders can simply contact us and let us know what’s needed. For your protection we will verify your identity, then promptly send your records. Account holders do not have to pay a lawyer to get documents from us: any document requested by an account holder will be accompanied by a business records affidavit that comports with the Texas Rules of Evidence, and we’ll send it to you electronically for free. If you have a deadline, let us know and we’ll do our best to expedite your request!

We are Here to Support You

Being a parent is quite a job. Being a coparent can sometimes be even more complicated. Our Days Calendar created the ultimate child support and custody calendar to make your life easier. Stop counting weekends, stop stressing over legalese, and stop worrying about missed opportunities to see your children. Spend time on what matters most – your child. Download Our Days Calendar today!

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