The One and Only Automated Custody Calendar

Joint custody schedules can be extremely complicated and difficult to understand, even if you’re following the Texas Standard Possession Order (SPO) or its extended version (the ESPO). Having to manually create your family’s child support calendar month after month or year after year is stress that you don’t need. If you’re spending time programming your schedule into an “automated” custody calendar, guess what! It’s not automated! 

A Great Co-Parenting Calendar

Our Days Calendar saves you time by creating, in just a few moments, a fully automated color-coded divorce calendar. You don’t have to count days, and you don’t have to decipher your family’s “rotation.” Numbers like 2-2-3, 3-3-4-4 and 2-2-5-5 have nothing to do with the Texas SPO nor the ESPO. These canned options aren’t automated! They just leave it up to parents to figure out which “rotation” best matches Texas’ joint custody laws instead of actually APPLYING those laws. That’s why you haven’t been able to find a Texas joint custody calendar – you keep having to make one.

Not anymore!! If you’re operating under the Texas SPO or ESPO – we’ve done the math for you.  Choosing Our Days Calendar saves you time and money, and eliminates confusion between family members regarding child custody. 

A Calendar That's Fully Automated - And We Mean Fully

It’s important to prevent misunderstandings from occurring between co-parents. Being able to see and follow the correct joint custody schedule saves heartache for both parents and the kids they love. But how can families do it when they don’t understand Texas joint custody laws? Despite their best intentions, many co-parents end up disagreeing on what the SPO or ESPO says. These misunderstandings disrupt co-parenting, create resentment, and destroy trust. They may even be costing you time with your children that you’re supposed to have.

We were confused Texas co-parents, too. If we had understood the Texas joint custody laws, we wouldn’t have needed a TRULY automated child custody calendar! But we did, so we created one ourselves. Today, Our Days Calendar is the best color-coded joint custody calendar, and the ONLY fully automated co-parenting calendar.

If you don’t know whether your SPO or ESPO is a 2-2-3, a 3-3-4-4, a 2-2-5-5 (or some other “rotation”) — that’s okay! All you need to know is information about your family. With just that, you can generate a co-parenting calendar in seconds with Our Days Calendar. Our Days Calendar doesn’t leave it up to you to figure out the rules – our algorithm calculates and applies Texas joint custody laws for you. With minimal input, your family’s SPO or ESPO is fully and automatically generated. It’ll always be in your pocket, so you can easily plan play dates, weekend trips, and vacations as far in advance as you like. If you find you need to move or swap days, you can customize your child visitation calendar to reflect your co-parent’s agreement.

How Our Days Calendar Works

Our Days Calendar prompts you to enter basic information about your family, your parental role, and your child’s school holidays. Within moments, Our Days Calendar generates an organized, color-coded joint custody schedule that’s easy to follow for both parents. Our Days Calendar equips an easy-to-use layout that abolishes any of the confusion you might have faced before.

Special Days and Holidays

Holidays are the prime time to be with family. However, Texas joint custody laws apply special rules to holiday visitation, and those rules override all of those canned 2-2-3-3-4-4-5 “rotations.” If your visitation calendar has you manually calculating and entering those rules, it’s not automated! 

Our Days Calendar makes it easy to see which days each co-parent sees the children, even on holidays, and how long the special holiday rules apply. If you don’t want to enter your child’s school holidays (or if you don’t yet know them), no problem! Our Days Calendar will still generate your custom SPO or ESPO, and it will even remind you to confirm your holidays when the time comes. That includes a reminder to exercise your extended summer possession options!

Pick the Right Co-Parenting Calendar: The One and Only

Our Days Calendar was founded and developed by Texas co-parents and attorneys. We know how it feels to endlessly count days yet still end up arguing over who sees the children, and when. We worked hard to figure all of this out because we wanted to prioritize our time with our children. Parents deserve to know when they’ll see their kids. Parents deserve to understand that easily, without pulling out a calculator. We want you — our fellow Texas co-parents — to benefit from our work. Our Days Calendar is the right tool to make shared custody as stress-free as possible for Texas families. It’s the one and only truly automated child visitation calendar – and it’s less expensive, too.

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