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Building a strong co-parenting team takes more than just a calendar

Co-parenting after a divorce can be challenging, but it is crucial for the well-being of the children involved. Developing effective co-parenting strategies can help minimize conflicts and create a stable environment for the children. By learning how to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and make joint decisions, parents can work together to provide a positive and healthy upbringing for their children. Investing time and effort into learning co-parenting strategies can ultimately lead to a more positive and successful co-parenting experience for all parties involved. After creating your co-parenting calendar, learn more by reading our blog below.

The Best Co-Parenting Plan for Spring Break; And How it Can Make Your Life Easier​

Spring break can be a tricky time for separated parents, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning, effective communication, and a willingness to …

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New Parents Can Successfully Start a Business with These Steps

Photo via Pexels New Parents Can Successfully Start A Business With These Steps Starting a new business is a big job, and becoming a new …

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Co-Parenting on Valentine’s Day: How to Navigate the Holiday After a Divorce

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for co-parents, especially after a divorce. The holiday is often associated with romantic love and happy couples, but …

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5 Great Organizational Hacks for Parents

Image via Pexels If you have kids at home, you may wonder how you’ll ever get organized. Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to a future of …

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3 Amazing Activities to Keep the Kids Engaged

Looking for fun after-school activities that will expand your kids’ horizons? Here are three ideas that are gaining in popularity thanks to new digital technologies, …

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New release with Major updates!

We listened and we acted on your suggestions. In our latest release (Nov 2022) of Our Days Calendar App v2.0 , aka “the Ukrainian release” …

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Help your Children Get the Sleep They Need

Learn how to create healthy sleep habits for your children so you can enjoy your time together!

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Learn About Your Child Custody Right of First Refusal

What exactly is a right of first refusal? How does it work – and do you have one? Find out here.

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Tips for Custody Exchange Days

Custody exchange days can be hard for kids and coparents. Fortunately we are here to help. We’ve compiled tips from other Texas coparents to hep ease your children’s stress on transition days, and help you cope whether your children are coming or going.

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Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

Read these clever tips to help teach your children healthy eating habits, brought to you by your one and only Ultimate Co-Parenting Calendar.

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The Ultimate Child Support and Custody Calendar

Discover why Our Days Calendar is the Ultimate, One and Only truly automated Child Support and Custody Calendar.

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The One and Only Automated Custody Calendar

If you’re manually entering your co-parenting schedule into an “automated” calendar – it’s not automated! Stop counting days once and for all. Download the one and only truly automated joint custody calendar.

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Have a Healthier Co Parenting Relationship

Co parenting is difficult–but your children deserve peace. We want all co parents to enjoy healthy relationships with their children! These tips can help you move past conflict even when things get tough.

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The Difference Between Our Family Wizard and Our Days Calendar

Our Days Calendar is a better, less expensive alternative to the calendar offered by Our Family Wizard. It’s fully automated, easier to set up, and it’s less expensive.

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Visitation Under Texas’ Joint Custody Schedule

Curious to know how much time each parent receives under the joint custody laws of the State of Texas? So were we – and we’ve figured it out for you!

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FREE Child Custody Calendar – Our Days Calendar

Texas child custody laws are complicated and confusing, so we created a fully automated calendar that you can download and access whenever you want. Stop counting weekends and start spending more time with your family – because time with your child is precious.

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How to Handle Screen Time During COVID

We’ve always been told children shouldn’t spend too much time in front of screens. Now they’re online all day for distance learning. How concerned should we be?

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The Best Child Custody Calendar in Texas

Our founder, a single dad in Texas, chats with Paul Probst of The Unmarried Father about how confusing Texas joint custody laws are – and how Our Days Calendar can help.

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What Is The Standard Custody Arrangement In Texas?

Stop counting weekends! Read this primer on Texas joint custody laws to better understand how the Standard Possession Order works in Texas.

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Make Co Parenting Easy

Learn how to manage parenting time with our fully automated joint custody calendar. Stop missing out on time with your kids and stop conflicts over scheduling confusion!

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Other Great Resources for Co-Parenting

DivorceCare – You can enter your zip code and find a list of local support groups and resources.

Divorce and Teens – Site made for teenagers who are dealing with their parents’ divorce.

Children & Divorce – This site has information and resources for parents to help children cope with divorce.