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“I really appreciate you following up and glad to hear from you. I forgot to tell you, Thank You! Since we talked last my X has grown to love your app and our parenting time as co-parents have been less stressful since using your app. I even invited my attorney to follow our schedule and he was very impressed that two coparents, who started out to absolutely hate each other, actually came together using a simple app. Your app was used in my recent court hearing and the Judge was impressed on how well detailed and honest the app is. Detailed with percentages to help calculate parenting time and honest due to the fact that no one can alter previous dates. I’ll continue to use your app. It has exceeded my expectations!”

“Here is a review for you. Overall I would say 4 stars, good be could always be better. The Our Days app seems pretty nice. With everything that occurs and the situations with divorce and sharing time with another parent this app could make things easier. The options for scheduling are good, but need more. I have a 2nd and 4th weekend set up, which isn’t present on the app. It’s nice that you don’t have to pay for multiple access to the app since two parents will use it at minimum. I do really like the % function. That can allow easy calculations and help with prep for court. Overall I think that this app would be helpful for most people. I understand that I have a special situation, I am a nurse who works nights and have a parenting plan that is a little outside the norm”

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