New release with Major updates!

We listened and we acted on your suggestions. In our latest release (Nov 2022) of Our Days Calendar App v2.0 , aka “the Ukrainian release” (we’ll explain this below) users are able to select from multiple default co-parenting calendars, create flexible schedules, swap school breaks, set notifications, share calendars, and more…

You can download the latest version on Google Play,  Apple Store, or simply use it on
As with any app there may be bugs that we have not seen yet. If you experience any issues, please reach out to us and we’ll address it as soon as possible.

We decided to call this version 2.0 as “Ukrainian release” in honor of our developers and their fellow landsmen /-women who live in Ukraine.
Despite of being subjected to an utterly unnecessary war, our Ukrainian developers maintained their work ethics and great spirit.
We @ Our Days Calendar and many more around the globe feel saddened by this and can only imagine the pain you are being exposed to.

No parent, no child, no colleague, no friend…, no human, should endure the horribleness of a war, and to be worried about their safety, worried about their loved ones, their properties, their schools, their hospitals.
Hurting innocent people, and bullying is simply not acceptable! 

In commitment to our Ukrainian fellow humans,
Our Days Calendar will donate 15% of all subscription sales until the (official) end of the war.

This is not possible without our users, Thank you for your support!

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