The Difference Between Our Family Wizard and Our Days Calendar

What's the Difference between Our Days Calendar and Our Family Wizard's Calendar?

Many judges order Texas divorced families to use Our Family Wizard to facilitate co parenting. Other families choose to use a program like Our Family Wizard because it has many features.


Our Family Wizard is a multi-use platform with a base subscription plan coming in at about $100 annually.  Features include electronic messaging, ability to submit and pay medical bills, a family journal, a check-in feature, and repository for medical information such as children’s allergies, medications, and a calendar.


And that’s where we come in.


Our Days Calendar was created by a parent going through a divorce. Like many co parents, they were ordered by the court to communicate via Our Family Wizard. Even with all the tools Our Family Wizard offers, it was next to impossible to understand the single most important thing: when is it my day with my child? 


Using Our Family Wizard’s Calendar is very confusing. We found not one but three articles published by Our Family Wizard to explain to co parents how to set up their family’s child custody calendar. The problem is joint custody laws are complicated and confusing. As a company founded and operated by Texas divorced co parents, we know how frustrating it is to pull out the divorce decree yet again and start counting out days — and at the end of it, you’re probably still confused – we know we were! So we created a child visitation calendar that is a fully automated divorce schedule: Our Days Calendar.

Our Days Calendar is Fully Automated and Easy to Set Up

Our Days Calendar is the product of years of work by divorced parents who were just trying to understand when they could visit their child. No more counting. No more hassle. When a co parent logs in to Our Days Calendar, the setup prompts will guide the co parent through the information our algorithm needs in order to create your automated child custody calendar based upon the rules of Texas child custody laws: the Texas Standard Possession Order (SPO). This information includes:


  • Whether or not you are the primary custodial co parent

  • Whether you are male or female (yes, it does make a difference)

  • Whether you live within 100 miles of your other co parent

  • Whether your possession order includes the extended option* and 

  • When your child’s school is out for holiday.**


Our Days Calendar uses these inputs to tell you when each co parent has visitation — including weekends, the Thanksgiving/fall holiday, and Christmas/winter holidays. It’s that simple.The entire setup takes about three minutes.


A lot of co parents operate under the Texas Standard Possession Order – but the reality is, that custody schedule is a default. Co parents are still encouraged to agree to child visitation schedules that work for their families. If you are one of those co parents, it is simple: Our Days Calendar is fully customizable.  In other words, Our Days Calendar really does automate Texas’ joint custody laws: we start you off with the default Standard Possession Order or Extended Standard Possession Order, and build it from there.


* If your visitation often begins when your child’s school day ends as opposed to 6PM, you likely have an Extended Standard Possession Order.

** If you need to pull up your child’s school holiday schedule, just Google your child’s school district + the current year + calendar: “HISD 2021 calendar.” You can also enter the holidays later, once you know what they are.

Our Days Calendar is Less Expensive than Our Family Wizard

Let’s be fair – Our Family Wizard is more than a calendar. We’re not. We offer a fully automated child support calendar that is clear and much cheaper than Our Family Wizard.


You can use our App for about $5 per month– and the first 30 days are FREE for you to try. Last time we checked, Our Family Wizard’s least expensive plan was about $100 per year.


Stop wasting your time counting weekends. Download Our Days Calendar — because time with your child is precious!

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