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When parents can’t agree on a child custody schedule, they usually have to follow the default child custody laws in Texas. Most often, that’s the Texas Standard Possession Order (SPO) or its extended version, the ESPO.  These orders are  complicated and difficult to understand. We wanted to make it easier and simpler for Texas co-parents, so we created the Our Days Calendar app. It’s the only truly automated child visitation calendar available online, and you can try it for FREE!

Fully Automated

If you are a co-parent looking for the peace of mind that comes with an effective, fully automated co-parenting calendar, you’ve come to the right place. Our Days Calendar is the ultimate co-parenting calendar app for single and divorced parents because it was created by a divorced parent who understands firsthand the difficulty of understanding child custody in Texas. Frustrated with “automated” calendars that weren’t really automated at all, we created an algorithm that accurately – and automatically – calendars the Texas joint custody visitation rules. Your relationship may have let you down, but we never will. Take advantage of our free trial and see how Our Days Calendar automatically generates your ultimate co-parenting calendar in moments. We will even customize your custody schedule by automatically incorporating your child’s school breaks. Never count weekends again. With Our Days Calendar, your Texas joint custody calendar is always available in the palm of your hand.  Do you want to know exactly what dates you’ll spend with your child in 2022? Thanks to the algorithm we’ve created, you can.

Stop the Confusion

The complexity of Texas joint custody laws often lead to parents getting confused about their visitation schedule. That leads to missed time, resentment, arguments, and sometimes even legal consequences. If you’re confused, it’s okay! You are not alone! We created Our Days Calendar because it’s not easy to constantly count which dates fall on the 1st, 3rd or 5th weekend of the month, much less to adjust those calculations when holidays impact your co-parenting schedule. A calendar that Texas co-parents have to sit down and program themselves month after month and year after year, is just not helpful when it’s the custody laws that are confusing. This is exactly where Our Days Calendar comes to the rescue with the only truly fully-automated child custody calendar. It’s simple, quick, and always in your pocket.

Get the Support You Need

You got a divorce, and your world turned upside down. Your spouse is no longer your life partner, and you learned way more about amicus attorneys, petitions, decrees, and legal jargon than you ever wanted to know. Nobody goes into marriage planning for divorce. When it happens, it is an overwhelming and emotionally draining event. You might have divorced your spouse, but you would never divorce your child. Separation is hard on both parents and the children. At Our Days Calendar, our mission is to help co-parents, blended families, and their loved ones to get the family time they need without stress or confusion. Divorce is stressful enough as it is – that’s why our visitation calendar is efficient, truly automated, and user-friendly.

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Try It Free

More important, we made it FREE for you to try: no hidden agenda, no automatic renewal to cancel, and no credit card details required. Try it out – if you want to continue with the service, you make the decision.

Amidst the turmoil, you want to provide a consistent, loving parental presence – that’s where we come in. Stop pulling out your child custody order and counting out weekends. Focus on what matters most – because time with your child is precious!

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