About Us

We believe time is precious, especially for separated parents. 

That’s why we want to save you time.

A little bit more about us...

Divorces are often very traumatic, expensive, and stressful for adults and children too. A strong mindset and good planning is key to a smoother transition. We understand you as some of the developers of this tool had first-hand experience with divorce.

In 2019 we combined our own experiences and feedback from divorced parents to initiate development of OurDaysCalendar.com. Our goal is to save you time with a divorce calendar that also saves money eliminating confusion between family members regarding child custody. Spend that time on the what matters most: your kids.

We are committed to helping co parents be the best they can be. Please let us know if there are additions we could make to improve our service.

Thank you for your support and we hope we deliver to your expectations! Contact us at